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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
  Arse! Is that what they call it?
Well, I was going to respond to an article but all interest in that is gone now. Instead I think I will talk about something that happened to Meg and I when we went to Fort William.

Well, we decided that after walking around the town that we would see a movie because most places were closed. I actually forget our exact reasoning for seeing a movie, but that is besides the point. We decided to see Fantastic Four because it was the only other movie playing besides Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which we had seen opening night in Stirling.

Anyway, on our way to the movie theater, I had stopped to look at poster about different tourist attractions. I noticed that there was a guy in a plaid flannel jacket and jeans with peppered gray hair leaning against the wall to the right of me which would have been behind him until I turned. I said, "I'm sorry am I in your way." He looked like he was struggling to me--he was, but it was due to complete drunkenness not some disability like I originally thought. Though, I suppose you could argue that that could be a disability.

His response was "No, No you actually helping me get up this hill here. I watchin your arse. Your arse. Is that what they call it your language?"

"I'm sorry"

"Arse! is that what they call it?"

I promptly resumed looking at the poster and looking confused until I thought it was safe to bid him good night and promptly walk to the movie theater. At which point he started following and when I looked back he had his arm out likely he was going to touch me.

I scurried my little arse right into the movie theater as he turned to go up the hill further. Once inside I turned to Meg and said, "Did he say what I think he did?" She said, " I don't know I was trying not to listen."
that's funny.
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