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Sunday, August 07, 2005
  Highland Games
Well, I went to the Bridge of Allan Highland games today. They were fun. I think my favorite event is the hammer throw.

Actually my favorite event is the crowd of people. It's great to find a spot on the grass by an area that is a main through way. I could sit for hours just watching the different people walk through with their families. I also enjoy it when little babies in strollers notice me just sitting there and they crane their necks as they pass watching me until I'm out of their site. I really didn't see too many odd people out and about though. There was this one guy with tattoos and on the small of his back he had a tattoo of "Boo" in big gothic letters. I personally thought that was a little strange. Now, if it was glow in the dark that would make sense to me.

Anyway, the other day when I was in St. Andrews, it started raining, so Colleen and I made it into a coffee shop and sat playing War, which we never actually finished because it was the un-ending game. Well, this family comes in with a little babe who looks over and smiles at me. Then, after that everytime I looked away from him he would scream "Daaaaaa" causing me to look at him. I felt horrible because the parents were trying to calm him down and I was creating a problem by looking everytime, so then I tried to ignore him which made it worse. I felt horribly obstructive and I didn't know what to do. But it was a cute kid wearing overalls and holding a strawberry in his hand with some sort of food around the corners of his mouth. He couldn't seem to decide whether he wanted to eat the strawberry or continue screaming daaaa!
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