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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
  The One Eyed Monkey
In the land of the monkeys where the trees towered higher than most rickety man-made constructions, there was a monkey by the name of Zimbala who enjoyed his privacy. He lived in the old cracked grey tree on the very outskirts of the land; it was so ancient that none of the other trees, let alone the monkeys, even remembered when it first began to sprout.
Zimbala was an odd monkey who looked much like the tree he lived in. He was just as grey and cracked looking as the old tree, and his arms were always rigid like the branches on the tree. His knees looked much like the hard gnarled knots found on the trunk of the tree. His walk even seemed to mimic the swaying of the tree in the wind.
Even if Zimbala didn't look odd. He would still have been considered odd by all of the monkey kingdom. He really did not care for bananas, but he did not eat anything as far as the other monkeys could tell.
He spent many of his days wondering far out into the deserted and unexplored wasteland. His closest neighbors as they ate their bed-time bananas could hear him coming back long after the moon had risen over the trees. They just shoke their heads and didn't care to think about what he actually did in on the dry cracked land beyond the kingdom.
I love it so far, you must continue!!!
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