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Thursday, February 01, 2007
So I don't know how many days ago it was now that I read an article discussing the goverments plan to sell the UnaBombers personal papers in an auction to raise money for his victims. I believe there was mention of selling sanitized versions of his work. However, he is suing. I forget the specefic suit whether it is about the sanitization of these documents or the fact that they do not belong to the goverment. His family is concerned because with in the papers their are personal letters among family members and while they claim they want to help the victims they feel they deserve some dignity. I think the whole matter is preposterous the papers should not be auctioned off, promoting the unabomber, making money off the attacks. Or at least they should not be auctioned off to the public which if I remember correctly that is what they are doing. Maybe the letters should be auctioned to repositiories and then closed till the appropriate time of when Ks.... don't know how to spell his name. Copyright runs out on the published material. I don't know my thoughts aren't very coherent. I will try to find the link to the article and try to make my thoughts clearer.
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